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Name: Cueva Bolado (Las Herrerías, blacksmiths)

Location: 2.5km S of Llanes (3.5km by road).  From the Llanes–La Pareda road, turn left about 0.6km after crossing the main N634 road. After 100m or so, some 100m before a quarry entrance, there is a widening in the track, with lake to east, to park.  Go west over small stream (drain) and wooded path 50m to big walk-in cave entrance.

GPS: N43°24'00" W4°45'56"

UTM: 30T 357.14 4806.96

Map: Porrúa (32-III)

Survey: see »

Bolado/Herrerķa survey

Bolado/Herrerķa survey

(this also mentions the name ‘Bolao’ and suggests that that name refers to a different nearby cave).

Description: Easy walking cave with crystals, at the end. One side passage is gated off, presumably has paintings or other archaeological interest.


2004 – locate entrance

2004 – general explore

2005 – more photographs, etc.

2010 – tourist trip, physical; + dark adjustment experiment

2011 – UV torch tests

2012 – test 3W LED lights and surveying reflectors

2019 – general explore and discovered stream and resurgence

2021 – general explore and torch tests

2022 – test NEO3 light; photos, etc.

2023 – test UV-C (255nm) 4W torch



Crystal flow in Bolado

Crystal flow in Bolado

Bolado - modern art

Bolado - modern art

Cueva Bolado formations

Cueva Bolado formations

Expeditions to the Picos de Europa and elsewhere since 1973.
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