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Expedition log, New Year 1974/75

Trumbio 1974/75

Trumbio 1974/75

(This expedition was not logged at the time, so the following paragraphs are largely from memory.)

Departure date was 27 December 1974; the ferry company cancelled our daytime trip to Le Havre but gave us a free cabin on the overnight passage! Very welcome. Long drive in the three-wheeler down through France.

We attempted a survey of Tinganón using a protractor as an clinometer (which Bill still has, in 2007!).

We were accommodated in the Rales house (see below) by Tony’s mother (María Luisa).

We went down Rales cave. This was almost certainly the through trip starting at Pozo de Molino, through the squeeze/duck down the pitches and cascades and out via Fuentica.

One reconnaissance up into the mountains on icy roads almost ended up in disaster, as the car skidded to the side of the road, over a precipice. If the car had four wheels, one of those might have been over the edge ...

New Year’s Eve was spent in Llanes, where we took pictures of revelers, the Guardia, etc., and also visited Matiu’s club (disco).

After New Year’s we went up to the Lakes in very frosty weather for photographs near Trumbio and surface explorations, etc., and on a later day drove up the Deva gorge and viewed Pozo del Infierno. 74 photos in all.
Bill & Reliant outside ‘our house’ in Rales

Bill & Reliant outside ‘our house’ in Rales

Pozu del Infierno entrance

Pozu del Infierno entrance

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