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GPS tracks

A list of walks (GPS tracks) on the Speleogroup site, sorted West→East. Click on the description to open or save the .gpx file, or on ‘GE’ to see the track on Google Earth (if you have Google Earth installed). Click on a coordinate (usually the start of the track) to see that coordinate on Google Maps.

Date Coordinates Description
2009.07.03 N43°25'31" W5°03'09"
30T 333.87 4810.16
Santianes to Cueva Negra (GE)
2008.06.29 N43°26'11" W5°02'45"
30T 334.42 4811.41
Up the valley to Tinganón and back (GE)
2014.06.30 N43°18'08" W5°02'13"
30T 334.79 4796.47
Circuit to Orandi cave and back (GE)
2011.05.23 N43°16'23" W4°58'52"
30T 339.22 4793.13
Lago Ercina to Forcau and back via Ario path (GE)
2009.06.25 N43°19'30" W4°57'16"
30T 341.54 4798.85
Peruyal: drive from Benía (GE), a route down (GE), and a better route (GE).
2011.05.20 N43°20'07" W4°56'51"
30T 342.11 4799.98
Avín track and depression (GE)
2016.06.14 N43°21'41" W4°55'29"
30T 344.05 4802.85
Vega de Hibeo from Ilcedo (GE)
2009.06.24 N43°19'01" W4°54'20"
30T 345.48 4797.87
Canales to Cueva Tayada etc., near Ortiguero (GE)
2015.12.08 N43°24'51" W4°53'29"
30T 346.88 4808.62
Rales to Fuentica (GE)
2012.06.23 N43°23'09" W4°53'24"
30T 346.92 4805.49
2012-Rotella depressions, near Villa (GE)
2008.07.03 N43°21'01" W4°51'21"
30T 349.58 4801.49
Tebrandi and Braña Asiegos in the Sierra de Cuera (GE)
2012.06.17 N43°22'56" W4°49'34"
30T 352.08 4804.96
Tornería depressions (GE)
2009.06.24 N43°14'19" W4°49'16"
30T 352.13 4789.02
From Bulnes funicular then west through El Castillo (GE)
2013.07.14 N43°14'21" W4°49'19"
30T 352.07 4789.08
From Bulnes funicular to Mirador de Pico Urriellu, etc. (GE)
2009.06.24 N43°20'00" W4°42'07"
30T 362.02 4799.32
Alles depression (GE)
2009.06.28 N43°15'11" W4°44'03"
30T 359.22 4790.47
Torca de la Riega Cericiega from Tresviso road (GE)
2012.06.24 N43°14'18" W4°43'03"
30T 360.55 4788.79
Andara mines from Tresviso road (GE)
2010.07.11 N43°22'55" W4°41'45"
30T 362.63 4804.71
To Nacimiento de Río Purón (GE)
2014.07.04 N43°15'51" W4°38'01"
30T 367.41 4791.53
Climb to Urdón canal (GE)
2016.06.17 N43°15'21" W4°36'50"
30T 369.00 4790.58
La Hermida to Bejes (GE)
2010.07.17 N43°18'07" W4°35'30"
30T 370.89 4795.67
To Cueva El Arco down to Suarias track (GE)
2010.07.17 N43°18'42" W4°35'17"
30T 371.22 4796.74
To Suarias to below El Arco (GE)
2013.07.09 N43°14'46" W4°35'00"
30T 371.46 4789.44
To Navedo from the Deva gorge (GE)
2008.07.02 N43°18'20" W4°34'47"
30T 371.88 4796.04
Traverse across NW depression, south of Suarias (GE)
2016.06.09 N43°14'12" W4°34'38"
30T 371.92 4788.40
La Hermida Gorge to Cicera (GE)
2009.06.29 N43°17'58" W4°33'29"
30T 373.63 4795.32
To 777m col and down Hondo del Valmayor depression, SE of Suarias (GE)
2010.07.14 N43°19'59" W4°30'18"
30T 377.98 4798.99
To Cofría resurgence (GE)
2009.07.01 N43°20'26" W4°28'49"
30T 380.00 4799.79
The long way down to (GE) and the better way up from (GE) the Cofría sinks
2015.08.08 N43°17'01" W4°28'59"
30T 379.68 4793.45
Latarma valley towards La Huerta (GE)
2009.06.26 N43°18'31" W4°28'49"
30T 379.95 4796.22
Otero down to Cueva Brujas (GE)


The GPS coordinates shown are typically the starting point, and are in °,′,″ and UTM eastings and northings, using the European 1950 datum as used on most Spanish maps (including the 1:25,000 ‘blue series’). To get WGS-84 coordinates, subtract 4.1″ from N and add 4.8″ to W (an adjustment of ~160m). For more details on this and the grid systems used on the Spanish maps of the area, see Coordinate systems.

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